Government Relations and Public Policy Consulting

The provincial government’s reach is broad enough that most organizations will eventually have an interest in its decisions. When your organization is considering how to advance an issue, inform the decision making process and achieve the right outcome, our team can help.

We believe you are your own best advocate, provided your advocacy is carefully planned and strategically presented, with appropriate awareness of the province’s complex and competitive decision making process.

Many of our clients have recognized the value of developing and maintaining an ongoing relationship with government. They may have several strategic issues that require careful development over time. They may also benefit from being able to anticipate and positively influence decision making on emerging issues. An effective government relations program should ultimately mean that government is fully aware of your interests when making any decision.

The Ascent Public Affairs team provides the services you need to maintain a comprehensive government relations program, including:

  • Structured public affairs planning
  • Providing current political and policy analysis
  • Identifying and prioritizing achievable objectives
  • Developing appropriate positions and requests
  • Media relations
  • Monitoring of relevant legislative and policy developments

Stakeholder Engagement

Achieving your goals in a public policy environment can be complex. A variety of stakeholders will often have an interest in your issue(s). We’ll help you to establish a leadership role on your issue(s), including:

  • Comprehensive analysis of potential alliances and competing interests
  • Development of stakeholder outreach plans
  • Strategic event planning

Crisis Communications and Issue Management

The modern media environment is complex, at times sophisticated and overall a powerful influence on public opinion. The reporting of even one mistake has a tremendous ability to entrench public perception, rightly or wrongly. Our team has worked on some of the most high profile communications challenges in recent BC history. We’ve also worked on some challenges you’ve never heard about. We use both experiences to inform advice in the following areas:

  • Strategic analysis and positioning
  • Message development
  • Media relations
  • Crisis anticipation and response planning
  • Spokesperson training